Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Shoulder Pain and Curcumin

I have had shoulder pain since the end of July.  I finally got a doctor's appointment in November and was referred to physical therapy.  Alas, physical therapy did not help me at all.  It made me worse than ever.

Back to the doctor.  An MRI was to be ordered and a follow-up call to tell me when to come for it.  The doctor said the next step after the MRI would be surgery.  I was not interested in surgery.  The doctor's office dropped the ball and did not call me for the MRI, so I skipped it.

After doing a lot of research on shoulder injuries and pain, I learned that ozone injections are very good at helping it to heal.  I found a local doctor who does these injections (not too many around).  I saw him two weeks ago.

He wanted me to get an MRI before he did anything.  Understandable.  So I had the MRI last week and tomorrow I return to find out the results. I will report on what happens next in another post.

But in the mean time I just wanted to share with you what has helped me with the pain.  Many people who have a shoulder injury experience constant pain with it.  So much pain that they can not even sleep at night.

I take Curcumin on a regular basis to keep tendinitis at bay.  So with the shoulder injury, I increased the dose to 9 capsules a day.  My shoulder/arm only hurts when I move in ways that aggravate it.  I have not had the constant pain I have read so much about.

Curcumin fights inflammation.  I believe that is why I have not had the constant pain others talk about with should injuries.  With the inflammation knocked out, I can pretty much function normally through my day and only need to be careful about pain causing activities like over head movements, behind my back movements, taking my shirts on and off and pulling pants up.

I have some other pain relieving secrets that have allowed me to cut my Curcumin dose down to six capsules a day that I will post about next time,

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