Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Less Than Encouraging Appointment about My Shoulder

So the MRI results came back.  The doctor doesn't want to do ozone injections because the MRI shows I have "sloping" in the shoulder.  I'm not exactly sure what that means but he did say  that because of the sloping he isn't sure the injections will actually do any good.

Therefore, he is refering me to a different orthopedic surgeon (at my request, because I want an opinion from someone different than the first surgeon I saw).  If that surgeon agrees and says that I need to have surgery, then I guess that is the route I have to take.

The doctor I saw today said it is possible that the new guy I see will recommend physical therapy.  I already had physical therapy and it didn't work, but the reason it didn't work was because the therapist threw the sheet of exercises, the doctor wanted him to work with me on, off to the side and was so focused on my forward head carriage and rib cage he ended up starting a cascade of migraine headaches. Basically, he and his partner did their own thing with me and it didn't help anything.

So, if this new doctor recommends physical therapy, I will choose a different therapist and hopefully have better results. Preferrably, I would like to find a therapist who does not have a partner and who will be in sole charge of my care.  Bouncing back and forth between therapists in the same office just doesn't work when each one of them seems to do their own thing. Not to mention it is confusing because each of them kept changing the exercises on me.

So the plan is this:  If the new doctor recommends therapy, then I go to therapy and while going to therapy, I go and get ozone injections, with the idea that I get better and improve and make surgery unnecessary. If the new doctor recommends surgery, then I have no other options.

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