Saturday, October 19, 2013

Advice for Young People Contemplating Marriage

For better or for worse, marriage is until death do us part. I wonder how many young people look ahead to what the reality of marriage really means and realize that it's not the fun and games like they had when they were dating? Do they realize it is just plain hard work sometimes? And do they think about the fact that God expects them to keep that commitment even when it doesn't turn out to be the fairytale they thought it would be?

Do they think about the fact that the little things that bug them about their potential spouse will be the BIG things that bug them when they are married? They can not enter marriage with the idea that they can get their spouse to change once married, cause it won't happen.

If you have expectations that your potential spouse is going to fulfill all your needs, then your marriage will already be in trouble before it begins. Each spouse must find their fulfillment and satisfaction in God alone because their marriage partner will always fall short of their expectations.

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