Friday, September 16, 2011

Journal Entry for Sept 16, 2011 Shopping Day

This morning I took care of my email and PCHE email. Then I worked on my shopping list.  By the time I got all that done it was time to get lunch ready for the oven.  I barely got it done in time.  I miscalculated how long the recipe would take and shorted myself some time.  Oh, well, I just cranked the oven up a notch and cooked it on a higher temp for a shorter amount of time. It worked.

After lunch N and I went grocery shopping, S and Rick went to work.  We started off at Albertsons. I was hoping to take advantage of a rain check I had on tomato sauce, but found it had garlic in it.  Rick is allergic to garlic.  So I bought four cans of it and donated it to the American Legion guys outside who were taking donations for the Veterans Home.

I absent-mindedly left my day planner and pocket PC in the grocery cart at Albertsons. I didn't discover the mistake until I got to Walmart.  We quickly headed back to Albertsons in somewhat of a panic.  There are still honest people in the world.  Someone turned it in at the customer service desk.  Thank you Lord.

Back to Walmart where I saw a guy with at least 20 body piercings on his face alone.  I was glad he was wearing long sleeves and long pants. I didn't want to see what else he had pierced!

We got our purchases and headed to Costco where we took advantage of the free food samples they had out.  Chocolate!  They were giving away free chocolate!

Headed home to unpack the cooler and start dinner.  Pizza for dinner.  Z picked S up after her interview at the local yogurt shop.  She felt good about it.  She also said when she was working at the library that her boss and coworkers had all been contacted by SEL.  That is a promising sign.

Z ate dinner with us and has been here since playing games with S and N in the basement.

Read the news tonight about the airplane crash into the stands at the air races in Nevada.  Sad way for a fun time to end.  Many were injured and about a dozen or more killed.  My prayers go out to them and their families.  It was a gruesome ending to what should have been a fun thrilling time.

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