Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day 9 Trip Home

We couldn't have asked for better weather for driving home today. We stopped at Stonehenge in the Columbia Gorge and got some nice pictures. What a view!

We had a tailgate picnic at Stonehenge. It was fun.

We dropped in a visited my parents for about 30 minutes on the way home. We orginially planned to stay overnight on Friday night with them, but when all this stuff happened with Rick's mom we stayed an extra night in Kelso/Longview and had to skip spending the night with my parents. It all worked out for the best though. They are getting ready to leave for two weeks vacation and we had colds and it was good we didn't wear them down and expose them to our colds. So all's well with that.

We got into town just in time to pick our Pug up from the vet where we boarded her. They said she didn't make a sound all week long until we came. Then she started crying and making all sorts of funny happy noises. Cute. She was so happy to see us.

There is no place like home and no bed like my own. It's good to be home even if it is a mess right now and I have a lot to do to catch up.

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