Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 8 Kelso/Longview

Today is our last day here. We are planning a trip to Vancouver to see Rick's grandma and then back to Longview to see his mom some more. We plan to drive home tomorrow morning.

We drove to Vancouver, WA to see Grandma I. She seems as bright as ever. Came back to see Pat. She was feeding improvement. Saw several relatives & met some I didn't know. It was strange having someone I didn't know from a hole in the wall give me a big bear hug and call me by name. I had no idea who she was and had to ask.

Splurged at the Cold Stone for ice cream after we left hospice. Yummy. Felt like we've had a couple of tough days and just needed to do something fun. Now we are back at the motel. Going to spend some time resting, eating dinner later (I'll make it in the room) and then back to hospice to see my mother in law once last time before we head for home.

It's been a bitter sweet vacation. We had a lot of fun at the beginning with all our sightseeing. We knew Rick's mom was not doing as well as she had been because we called her a week before we left and she told us she had a couple of blood clots in her lung. We had no idea just how grim the situation really was until we got here and finally Rick was able to sit in on a conference with the doctor and get the straight scoop. There are so many things we had been told that were not true through out the last three years and now all the truth is coming out. We still thought she wasn't doing as bad as she is when we first saw her in ICU because she told us all her tests were coming out just fine and she felt great and would be getting out soon. It was the next day when Rick got to hear the doctor that we learned the truth that she will not go home and would be headed for hospice. Kind of a shocking way to end our vacation, but God is in charge of the timing and He knows what is best.

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