Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 7 Kelso/Longview

We found out that Rick's mom had been taken to the hospital on Monday. We visited her at the hospital...she was in ICU. She told us she felt great and all her tests were normal and led of to believe she would only be there a couple more days.

Turns out Rick's mom wasn't up front with us. She said she would get out of the hospital in a day or two. What she didn't tell us is if she gets out she will go to a nursing home to die. She is in the process of dying right now, but not telling us that.

The lastest update...Rick's mom will go to Hospice and may be getting trasferred as I write. The dr says she may have 24 hours to 30 days to live. We will stay one extra night here so we can spend more time with her.

It was quite a shock as we have been led to believe all along that she was doing good. I found out for the first time that three years ago when she first got cancer they only gave her about six weeks to live and told her to get hospice care. She got mad and told them she wasn't ready for that. She lived three years more and took care of her diabetic husband the whole time right up until she couldn't get off the couch anymore. She is now in hospice. They took her there last night.

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