Monday, August 11, 2008

Parenting:Sibling Rivalry

Proverbs 17:14 The beginning of strife is like releasing water; Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts. (NKJV)

Like most siblings, my children get to picking at each other once in a while and before I know it an all out argument is in full swing. Sometimes I have ignored these little bicker sessions, thinking maybe if I don’t acknowledge it it will just go away. However, that doesn’t usually happen. Instead it escalates.

Recently I was reading my Bible and come upon the jewel above. How true! Just a little strife…a little knit-picking…an insulting comment here or there and suddenly it’s like turning a water faucet on high. You end up with a big argument on your hands.

Since reading this, I have been putting a stop to any remarks that my children make that are designed to irritate the other. The minute it comes out their mouth, I stop them dead in their tracks and cut the conversation off. It has done much to make the atmosphere of our home more pleasant and I am finding the children are getting along better with each other now than they did before. It’s so nice to hear them playing together and laughing as they are enjoying each other’s company.

Do you have any dripping of contention in your home? Do the children knit pick at each other? Begin cutting the drips of contention off before they turn into a steady stream and see how it affects the atmosphere of your home.

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