Saturday, August 09, 2008

Homeschool: A Lesson from NASCAR

Recently, we were driving home from a day trip for my husband's work and happened upon a display of a race car and the truck that they transport it in. Since I love a good race, we just had to stop and see this race car up close and take some pictures.

We were treated with a tour of the semi that transports it. It was their portable garage for the race cars. I would have expected it to look like a garage. A bit messy with grease spots here and there, finger prints on the door handles and counter tops etc. Boy was I surprised!

This portable garage was absolutely spotless. Every cupboard and storage area was clearly labeled with what belonged in it. Everything gleamed and shined. Even the spare car parts in the cupboards were spotlessly clean!

I made a comment about how surprised I was at how clean everything was. The tour guide, whose son-in-law is a race car driver and daughter is the only woman NASCAR official, told us that there are two reasons for the extreme cleanliness and orderliness.

  1. It makes their job easier, faster and safer if they can quickly find what they need when they need it.

  2. Everything is done with the realization that this is ultimately for TV and their sponsors. They don't want the American public seeing a messy outfit. It's bad for sponsorship and looks ugly on TV.

Not all of us are gifted with the gift of organization. I certainly am not. It is an area I struggle with on a constant basis. Right now, as I write, I look around at my basement and things are piled here and there. To put it bluntly, my house is a mess. It would never pass with NASCAR!

As I read my Bible, I see that God is a God of organization. On each of the six days of creation He accomplished a particular task. He did it in an organized fashion and then had the 7th day free to set the example for us of resting one out of seven.

When God gave the plans and design for the Wilderness Tabernacle, it was very detailed and very organized. Each piece had a specific meaning and foreshadowed a specific part of God's plan of salvation in Christ Jesus.

When it comes to homeschooling our children, messy disorganized homes makes homeschooling more difficult and generally running a household more difficult. I know from experience. When things don't get put away where they belong or don't even have a place where they belong, we waste precious time hunting down lost items. We get frustrated and our patience wears thin.

If our homes are messy, we aren't able to welcome guests into our home comfortably. We are embarrassed to invite them in. Not that our homes must be TV spotless like the NASCAR portable garage, but they should be at least inviting and clean so we don't have to appologize to our guests for the mess.

As I look around my house, I have a long ways to go toward organization! I plan to make it a goal to spend 15 minutes or more a day just trying to get things organized so I can start off my school year on the right foot. It's not my gift, so I have to work extra hard at it.

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