Friday, August 22, 2008

Frugal Friday Tips!

It's Frugal Friday!
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Ok, this may not be necessarily a "money-saving" tip, but this is a time saving tip and a "body-saving" tip. It's been said that time is money. So here goes....

I am celiac and must bake all my own pizza from scratch. It doesn't seem to matter how much I oil the pizza pan, it just sticks and makes a big mess to scrub for clean up.

This week I fixed Spicey Baked Chicken Wings. I have always hated fixing this because even the dog can't get the pan clean. I end up soaking it for a day or two and then have to scrub and scrub on it to get it clean.

Now, not only does all this scrubbing take precious time, but it is hard on my body. All this scubbing is very hard on my body and causes me a lot of extra pain.

I HAVE DISCOVERED PARCHMENT PAPER!!!! I love this stuff! When I made chicken this week, the pan didn't even get dirty! I just rolled up the parchment paper and threw it in the trash. Pizza is a doesn't get torn up when I serve it and there is nothing to scrub. I made brownies last night. This is usually, also a big mess to clean up. My pan isn't even dirty.

This is a time-saver, a pain saver and a huge help to me in the kitchen. For the little bit of money it costs to buy, if I was being paid for my pan scrubbing, it would be worth a lot of rolls of the stuff. Time and pain saved is money saved in our house.


Domestically Inclined said...

Wonderful tip!
God has excellebnt timing. I am just wondering if I am a "Celiac" (allergic to gluten) I have been making everything from scratch with no preservatives for a few years now and still have skin reactions. I just decided this morning to try a gluten free diet. Got any tips or recipes?

Ticia said...

I have also found the joys of parchment but I have also found the joys of non stick aluminum foil! I love the stuff and treat it like gold. My family thinks I am crazy.

Homeschool Mom of Four said...

Wonderful tip! I've never heard of the other commentors non-stick foil but I need that too! We all hate scrubbing!

Marsha said...

Thanks for the idea on the non-stick aluminum foil. I've never heard of that! Marsha