Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marsha's Musings: Organizationally Challenged

Ok, I admit it. I am among the organizationally challenged. Why is it so difficult for me? I can come up with methods to organize stuff but keeping the system going is where I fail. I have read all the Messie Manuals there are and it all sounds great. I can even get started on Fly Lady's methods but somewhere along the line I always fall off the wagon. I have wondered if I am visually impaired. I just don't see the clutter unless the door bell rings or I know company is coming. I find myself doing panic cleaning....throwing things into paper bags and boxes and putting in a room and shutting the door. Then I never seem to get back to the box or paper bag until I realize I have lost something. Then I might remember the bag or box and look in there and find it. But sometimes I don't even remember the bag or box! It just becomes another part of the clutter that I do not see unless I know someone is coming that might see it.

Then I see a quote by R.C. Sproul...."Chaos is a result of no self-control." Ok, now I have a tremendous amount of guilt because I can't seem to get on top of it. Sure, I can think of good toe is sprained, I have tendonitis and other chronic health issues....but are these just excuses? My dad always said this, "An excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie." When I get right down to it, I fail at organization and maintaining it because I am distracted and it's easier inititially to procrastinate then it is to do a thing right the first time. The lie is subtle. Is it REALLY easier to procrastinate and do it later? The doorbell rings or you know you have company how much do you have to do to prepare for company? Had I done things right to begin with, put things away where they go the first time and done things when they needed to be done I wouldn't be in this boat.

Am I the only one who has this trouble? I'd really like to hear from others who struggle in this area. How do you beat the procrastination demon? How do you beat the clutter demon?

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She's So There said...

This is one of the areas I continually am watching myself on. I am high creative and what doesn't come naturally is seeing the flow of organization. One of the things that has made sense to me is that I simply hold on to too much "stuff" If you do 8 loads of laundry and there are that many left, you have everyone in too many clothes....its not as much that I'm not doing 2 loads a day, its that I am trying to maintain too much. One of our friends taught me (as a mom of 5 she is) that when we see a child consistently not care for their space, we know they are burdened with too much to care for and she reduces their "stuff" until its manageable. I am also aware that organizers do matter...just adding a simple basket that holds my contact lense solution, hair gel and hairspray and brush that is easily put under the bathroom counter in one has made such a difference in the bathroom staying nice when the children and I leave it!
hugs hugs hugs!