Thursday, April 06, 2017

April 6, 2017 10:00 pm

My heart sank tonight when I heard the news that Trump authorized bombing in Syria. I think it was the wrong move right now. It makes no sense that Assad would gas his own people right when he was doing so well politically and ISIS was getting knocked down in his country. I honestly think Trump was given false information. I do believe people could have been gassed and died, but I don't think Assad did it. I think it was planned to by someone else to blame on Assad to draw us into war. We have so many Democrats that want war and there are so many in areas of our government that don't answer to anyone. I think Trump was hoodwinked on this one. But now it's too late. He should have waited to find out the real scoop, because it doesn't make sense Assad would do this.

So much for my opinion and political thoughts....

Rick and Sarah worked today. Nathaniel had the day off and went to men's book study this evening at our pastor's home.

This was not a very productive day for me. I woke up at an ungodly hour, rolled around in bed for well over an hour even after taking part of a sleep aid. But of course the sleep aid always ruins me....I just can't get myself going after that. So it wasn't the best day for getting my list done. Oh, well.

Part of what took a lot of time, however, was my menu planning. I usually just grab a template that is already made up. I have four menu plans I rotate through. Well, I'm bored of the same food all the time, so I decided to find some new menus. That took a lot of time. But I finally got my menus set up for the week. In the morning I need to run through my cupboards and knock things off my automatically generated shopping list that I don't really need and then go shopping.

Well, I ordered blinds from Home Depot and put them up yesterday. The order says I ordered 58 inches wide, but they are too short. I measured the blinds and they shorted me half an inch. They are going to reorder them for me. Whew!

Rick has started watching a lot of Netflix stuff in the evenings. He is making good use of the $8.60 per month that we spend on it. Since he has started doing that, it's hard for me to read or concentrate on anything else, so I have picked up the adult coloring book my sister got me for Christmas last year and have started coloring the pictures in it. I'm finding it quite relaxing and enjoyable.

I failed to get my Bible reading/coping done in Luke today. I feel bad about that. Maybe that's partly why my day was so unproductive. When I miss that piece of my day, it's just not the same. My Bible study and green tea....two parts of my day that if one or both is missing, my day just doesn't go as well.

Good night!

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