Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April 4, 2017 3:54pm

Today has not been quite as productive as yesterday.  Seems like it goes that way.  When I have a really active productive day, the next day is recovery mode...sore muscles etc.

I have restarted all my PT exercises that helped me avoid shoulder surgery last year.  That is taking quite a chunk of my time now.  I'm trying very hard to not let my shoulder get worse.  So far it only hurts if I pull down my pants, my shirt in the back or pull my pants up and any behind my back activity.  I am hoping with the exercises and my curcumin and MSM, I can avoid a doctor's visit and out-patient PT at an office.

Rick stayed home from work again for the second day in a row.  He has not been sleeping.  He said he woke up every hour last night.  Bummer.

Sarah took a trip with a friend today.  It's a perfect day, weather-wise for some fun, although it's only around 40 degrees there and it's 69 degrees here. I'll take the 69 degrees, thank you very much.

Nathaniel had an appointment today and I noticed a place called Guardian Angel Homes behind the office.  I looked it up online and they have independent living apartments for 55+.  I was hoping to find out the cost, but their website doesn't say.  I wrote to them to ask.  I'm thinking something like this would be a good option for Rick and me when he retires if we can afford it.  We need a place without yard upkeep and house maintenance when he gets to retirement age.  Truth be known, we need it now.

I've been trying to get back into my Flylady Zones.  It's been hit or miss.  I got my front porch swept and cobwebs knocked down yesterday.  Today I have not done anything in my zone.  But there is still some time.

The blinds came that I ordered for Nathaniel's room.  I might pick them up tonight.  I sure hope they fit because they are non-refundable.  I'm kind of holding my breath on that.

I'm trying hard to learn to not worry about my kids when they are gone.  It's good practice for when Sarah leaves home in November.  It's sure is hard, though.  I wake up in the night and get to thinking about what it will be like for Sarah to live in a strange city on her own and all the horrible scenarios start running through my mind.  It's a real effort to give these things over to the Lord for Him to worry about.  I guess it goes with the mom territory, but I would sure like to eliminate that part of the mom territory.

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