Monday, April 03, 2017

April 3, 2017 9:56pm

This has been a very productive day.  I sprayed weeds in the driveway, raked up leaves from under the Japanese Maple, and set up the soaker hoses for the shrubs on the front bank. 

I need to call the sprinkler company and get them out to repair the broken pipe before the hot weather comes and we need the system up and running.

Rick stayed home from work today. He didn't sleep good again last night.

Sarah worked today and Nathaniel worked tonight.

Had a few fun instant messages from my mom. She is enjoying her new iPad.😁

I was too busy to get my weekly devotional written and posted.  I will do that in the morning.

Reading in Luke 3 where John tells the people coming out for baptism that they need to produce the fruits of repentance. They were so steeped in their ceremonial religion that they thought they were righteous by virtue of their religion. It never occurred to them that God requires repentance, and repentance produces good fruit in the life. It's so much easier to go to church, go through the motions and go home feeling self-righteous.

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