Friday, March 10, 2017

Lessons from My Dogs

This thought is not original to me.  I got it from a Facebook friend.  In the picture above you see DJ giving me a really dirty look.  He is jealous because Daisy, our geriatric Pug is getting extra helpings of tasty canned dog food along with scrambled eggs and chicken.  He thinks he should be treated equally, but we aren't doing that because we don't want him to get fat.

The lesson is this.  What if as Christians, we saw the wonderful spiritual growth and relationship our friend has with Christ, and we wanted that for ourselves and pursued it like my dog wanted that food for himself? What if we all had a person like that in our lives and pursued holiness like him or her?  

What if we were that example?  What if we pursued holiness with passion and others wanted what we have in Christ?  My dog only wanted equal treatment, but if we pursue Christ and His holiness, we will get equal treatment in terms of spiritual benefit and growth.  Think about it.

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