Thursday, September 01, 2016

Getting Through the Day On Not Enough Sleep

Oh my goodness!  I am so tired I can hardly see straight!  When I don't get enough sleep I feel actually sick at times.  

So how is a body supposed to accomplish the daily tasks when she is so tired and feels more like collapsing?

Well there are a few things one might do.

1. Remove some tasks off the to-do list, so you don't feel quite so pressured to accomplish things when you don't feel good.  Another day is coming when you will feel like doing a lot.

2. Drink extra Green or Black Tea in the morning and take a good dose of B Vitamins, especially B-12 liquid if you have it available.  Don't drink the tea after lunch if you are sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine affects me for up to 12 hours after I drink it and it might sabotage your sleep too.

3. Plan on taking an afternoon power nap of maybe 30 minutes or less.  You don't want to sleep too long or it will mess up your sleep at night.

4. Change up your menu plan if needed to make something easy and quick to conserve what little energy you have.

5. Use the 15 minute timer method.  If you have tasks you want to do on this day, set your timer for 15 minutes and work on the task, then rest for 5 or 15.  

Hope these few tips help you get through the day when your night of sleep was not the best.  Hang in there!  A new day is coming and maybe better sleep.

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