Monday, August 29, 2016

A Mother's Worry and a Lifeline

Okay, I will admit it.  I worry about my kids.  Yes, my kids are adults, but I still worry about their safety.  They are going camping tomorrow afternoon in a remote place where there is no cell service and I worry about their safety.  So many possible scenarios have played through my head and kept me awake at night thinking about this camping trip.

They have camped before, but always with other friends who are well versed in camping safety.  This is their first time with just the two of them together.  So, naturally, I worry.

So, I've done almost everything within my power to ensure they have the means to be safe.  Now, I need to sit back and trust God to take care of them if He so wills.  Ultimately, it is all in His control and keeping.  But don't you ever worry sometimes that maybe His will might be different then your will?  I know I do.  Which brings me to this:

So what if His will is different than my will?  What if?  God has a perfect plan and sometimes His perfect plan doesn't fit with what I want and herein lies the difficulty.  This is where I realize that I don't have control over our lives.  God does.  This is where I have to come to the realization that I am lacking trust in Him and what He deems best in my life and the lives of my children.  This is where I have to get on my knees and just hand them over to Him and know that He will do what He sees best for them and if He sees fit to give them the best time of their lives together and bring them home safely, then I am bellyaching for no good reason.  And if He sees fit for some unforeseen problems to come up, well, He has that under His control too and will use it to teach us all some valuable life lessons.  So it's all good either way.  I just need to re-frame my perspective.

Casting all your worry on Him for He cares for you.  It's not just a cute saying to put on a plaque on the wall.  It's a life line when my mind wants to play out all the worst scenarios. Now I need to hang on to that life line!  

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