Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Time So Far in Walla Walla

I've been here at my mom and dad's since yesterday just before noon.  It's been good to be with them.  

My being here has given my mom freedom to go to the laundry room and do her wash without worry about my dad being by him self.  It has also given her the freedom to go to town and run errands without worry and without him feeling like he needs to ride along when he doesn't feel well.

So far it seems like his mornings are worse and his afternoons and evenings are better.  This morning he had trouble with his cereal going down so I offered him some soda pop to help.  That is what the doctor said to do.  I put an ice cube in it.  He spent a long time staring at the ice cube in the bottom of his glass.  He couldn't figure out what it was.  His mind was not working this morning.

He was not feeling well when I arrived yesterday, nor was he feeling well at all this morning, but both yesterday and today by after lunch he seemed to perk up.  Today he visited quite a bit, he got up and walked to the door a couple times to see what was going on outside. He spent a long time browsing through his books on the bookshelf and finally chose one out to read.  
He even walked out to the mail box in the lobby and got the mail.  I think once he got past the rough start, he had a fairly good day today. He did have to take pain meds at supper, but it seemed to help him a lot.

Tomorrow is Sunday (I'm writing this at 9:30pm Saturday).  If he gets up and is not feeling well enough to go to church, I will stay home with him so my mom can go to church.

Mom needs breaks.  She has a lot on her plate especially when his mind is not working straight sometimes.  I'm glad I could come and stay for most of four days and help out.  

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