Thursday, February 11, 2016

Laughing is Important

I called my mom today to see how her and my dad were doing.  He has some new restrictions he has to adhere to since getting the stent in his esophagus.

1. He must stick to soft foods
2. He was advised he might need to eat five or six times a day instead of three times a day
3. He has to eat smaller portions and smaller bites
4. He has to be propped up when laying down to prevent acid reflux

Mom said that it was hard for him to not slip off the extra pillows used to prop him up.  They will get a foam wedge tomorrow from Amazon for this purpose, but she is afraid he will slip down that too.  So I suggested she get some flannel and make a flannel cover for the wedge and then make him wear flannel pajamas so he will stick to it like a flannel board.  Then I suggested velcroing him to it.  We both laughed so hard about that.  It was so good to laugh and find humor in tough situation. 

Their church friends have told them they are ready and willing to help in any way they need it.  That is what the body of Christ, the church is supposed to do for it's weaker members.  So nice to see that.

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