Friday, February 26, 2016

Hearts Full of Graditude

Today we have thankful hearts for all the blessings God is raining down on my Mom and Dad.  They were worried about the costs that would be associated with my Dad's illness.  They learned today that Hospice will take care of everything and Medicare will pay for everything.  

Hopice is ordering a power seat lift chair for my dad which will be a big help to him as getting in and out of his chair was getting more difficult and he didn't look very comfortable in it.  Medicare is paying for this.

Medicare will pay for all his medications associtaed with his cancer and the medications will be delivered to their door, saving my mom having to go pick them up.

If mom needs immediate help, she is to call Hospice, not 911 and they will come.  The nurse will come once a week to check up on him and as things progress she will increase the number of her visits as needed.

CNA's will be scheduled as needed in the future to help with showers, dressing, going out for wheelchair walks outside or just to sit with him so Mom can get a break.

This is such a wonderful service for them and it has lifted a heavy burden for them both.  We are so very grateful.  

Thankyou all for your prayers for them. Please continue to pray them through this transition.

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