Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pansies & Colin Twedell

I saw this photo on Facebook and it reminded me of the 90 year old retired veteran missionary to China with the Inland China Mission.  He taught our Sunday School class and boy was he a good teacher!  

It was the Senior Citizen class. We attended that class because we felt out of place in all the other classes. The young married class was too young. We had been married 8 or 9 years already. The next class up was focused on young parents and we had no children.  The class above that was focused on parents of school aged through high school kids and we had no children.  So we joined the seniors class because it was focused on the Word of God.

The seniors took a once a month field trip to various places and I would go along to help out.  One Saturday we all went to the gardens in Vancouver B.C.  That was back in the days when we could cross the border freely.

Colin Twedell was a bit feeble and so he rode in a wheelchair which I pushed for him.  There were pansies growing along the way and Colin told me how funny it was that people call each other pansies as a form of insult. He said it's really a compliment because pansies are one of the toughest flowers around. They can withstand very harsh winters and still  push up through the snow and bloom.

I have never forgotten that. I remember Colin Twedell every time I see the face of one of these precious flowers.

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