Thursday, August 13, 2015

Enjoying Solitude on Another Smokey Morning

It's been a while since I sat outside on the patio.  DJ was dancing the dance of joy when he saw me bringing my stuff out.

The smoke from the 150 plus fires surrounding our valley hangs in the air, veiling the hills across the river from us.  It's not bothering me too much. I am wearing my personal filter stream around my neck. It pulses out puffs of negative ions to chase the airborne pollution away from my breathing space.

Filter Stream Air Tamer

I thought I should enjoy sitting outdoors while I can because today will be 108 degrees.  Yesterday was 106 or 107 depending on what thermometer you looked at.

I didn't sleep too good last night.  My cell phone battery went dead in the middle of the night and started pinging it's displeasure at being out of juice.  That woke me up around midnight momentarily and then again at 2:30am.  I got up and shut it off and went to the bathroom and took a sleep aid so I could go back to sleep, but at 3am the kids came home after a night of star gazing and looking for the meteor shower.  So sleep was not real great last night.

This morning I got up and hurried around so I could be ready to follow Rick to the auto mechanic to drop off the car and then take him to work. On the way home I got behind three over-sized loads heading to Asotin.  It looked like cement bridge parts.  They narrowly missed taking out the traffic lights as they went under them as well as the Fleshman Bridge. On coming traffic made a wide berth for them by driving on the shoulder.  Can't blame them.  I would too.

So now I am sitting out here drinking my green tea and setting menu plans for the next seven days.  I shop tomorrow.  Saturday night I have an extra mouth to feed and Sunday I have possible two extra mouths to feed.  Then Monday, Wednesday and most of Thursday I have the house to myself pretty much all day and Tuesday we travel to Spokane for Rick's work.  The kids will be gone on a camping trip Monday through Thursday.

Friday through Monday I am dog sitting four dogs for the neighbors.  One is old, blind, has no teeth and wears a diaper when indoors.  He has to be spoon fed twice a day.  That will be time consuming and I am hoping to figure out a way I can just keep him here at my house so I don't have worry about him during the day. At night he would go back to his crate at his house.  We'll see.

Well, I am off to get the rest of my day going...menus are done, need to shop the cupboards.  Then I have a bunch of clutter to put away to make the house presentable for company on Saturday/Sunday.


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