Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just a Note from Me

So I tried to take a break from blogging my devotions, but it didn't last long.  It seems to be the best way I can really get anything out of what I read in my Bible.  

If I read other people's devotional thoughts, it just seems like something is missing.  Not that what they write isn't good.  It is!  But I feel like I'm reading how God is dealing with someone else instead of digging in and being dealt with from Scripture on a personal basis.  Do you know what I mean?  

All that to say I can't seem to pull myself away from blogging what I learn in Scripture.  It's just a convinient place to put it all down and doesn't give me writer's cramp in the process!  I don't really know if anybody reads what I write and that is okay.  I'd rather they dig into Scripture and allow it to speak to their hearts without my "help".  But if anything I write is helpful to someone, I'm happy for that.

My life is crazy right now.  We are gearing up for Nathaniel's graduation.  That means there are things to order, photos to be gone through, slide show to work on (althought I assigned that to him), my speech to write, announcements to send and the list goes on.  It's a bit overwhelming.  Sarah got his photo shoot done yesterday. Now for her to do the photo editing.

In the last three weeks I have been to Kennewick, Walla Walla and Spokane.  I'm tired of traveling and will be glad for a break.  

The weeds are growing again, so I have to get out and  spray or burn weeds just about every chance I get or they will take over like they already have in the back yard.

Our garage door opener broke but it was under warranty, so the guy replaced it at no cost to us.  Only charge is the $50 service fee.  I can live with that.

Yearbook duties are beginning to ramp up with photos coming in that I have to upload to the website.  I will need to start helping with page design soon.  This is my last year to do this!  Yeah!

I continue to do the Port Cities Home Edcators email.  That is feast or famine.  Sometimes there is nothing to send out and other times I go half crazy with it.  This too is my last year to do!  Yeah!

What will I do with my time once Nathaniel is graduated and I am no longer doing the PCHE email, yearbook uploads, and schooling?  I'm sure I will find plenty to do.

I will still have to put three meals a day on the table on schedule ( hubby comes home every day for lunch).

I will still be responsible for all of the household maintenance...everything from plumbing to cleaning gutters (although I plan to grab Nathaniel to go up on the ladders now).

I will probably need to get at least a part time job to supplement the income for when Rick retires since our income will drop but our expenses will continutue to go up.

All this stuff is only a partial listing of what I do with my life and what I will still be doing with my life after homeschooling is done.  I can not complain of being bored.

God has been merciful and has given me the strength to do most of these things.  I wouldn't say I keep up...especially with the weeds...but He helps me to keep going.

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