Sunday, January 18, 2015

Marsha's Musings: The Christian Life is Not for the Faint of Heart (1 John 3:13 ESV)

Do not be surprised, brothers, that the world hates you. (1 John 3:13 ESV)

We see it every day in the news...Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East, tortured and jailed in communist countries, sued and run out of business, targeted by the IRS, free speech rights being trampled on and more in the United States...and we put our hand over our mouth and gasp in horror and surprise.

Why are we surprised?  God told us it would be this way. Did we not believe Him?  Or did we think somehow He would exempt us from suffering?

Look at the verses in the photo above.  We have gotten so comfortable and complacent in our armchair Christianity that we have easily skipped over and ignored these verses in favor of an easy carefree Christianity where we think God is a cosmic vending machine, here to give us our every wish if we just do the right things.

We have had it easy, but things are changing quickly in our world and we are on the edge of all out Christian persecution on our own soil.  Are you prepared? 

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