Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Iqtell Productivity App

Iqtell is a great productivity app. that I want to recommend to you.  Here is what is great about Iqtell:
  • Great support staff
  • You can set up projects, and the tasks to complete those projects
  • There is room for brainstorming, note taking, attach an email to a task or project, link to evernote, set a task for focused attention etc.
  • There are tons of options for setting up repeating tasks
  • There are mobile apps as well as the main web app  (iTunes & Google Play)
  • You can sort tasks by name, date, priority, energy, tags, associated project etc.
This system is built on David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system.  It dove tails perfectly with it.  If you haven't read that book you can check it out at the library.  But you don't need to read David Allen's book to be able to use Iqtell.  You can set up for your individual needs.

For me, I have divided my life up into "projects" such as Home Organization, Home Maintenance, Stuff to Read, Pets, School, PCHE, Marriage, etc.  Then in each "project" I have individual tasks that are related to that area of my life.  For example, under the project titled Pets, I have things like repeating tasks of taking care of Daisy's eyes, ears and sore on her neck, trimming toe nails etc.  You see, the project is to keep the dogs healthy and these are tasks related to that.

The project Women's Tea hold tasks related to planning and executing a ladies tea time in April.  It's a place where I can brainstorm and make notes of things like decorations, devotion ideas, program etc.

I hope you will check Iqtell out.  It has great potential for helping you get your thoughts organized and start making progress towards those things that you want to accomplish in your life.

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