Sunday, October 09, 2011

Journal Entry Oct. 8,2011

Sunday AM. Hard time getting up since I was awake for over an hour from 2:45 to somewhere past 4am. It's cloudy out again. We had several days of rain this past week. Yesterday was gorgeous.

I've won several things to give for Christmas on and am auctioning several things off now. It's a fun way to get rid of stuff and get stuff. I'm getting the hang of auctions now. You wait and see how high it goes and then at the last 15 seconds throw in your bid if you are willing to go that high. I've won several things that way.

Just been trying to keep up with everything and not doing a very good job of it.

Today I need to do some reading on Anabaptist history and theology to see how it differs from ours. We are using a literature curriculum put out by the Mennonites and I see mention of Martyr's Mirror and Calvinist areas where they lived. So I want to see what the deal is with that, so I can explain it to Nathaniel. From what I gather, the Catholic church did it's share of burning people at the stake and persecuting those who went against them, but I'm learning that perhaps the Reformers did the same. So I'm on a quest to sift out the truth from the fiction.

Later today:
Rick did not make it to church. He did not sleep good last night either. The kids and I went. Zach came to the second service and sat with us, then he came home with us and ate lunch with us. He stayed until around 4pm. S and N went to see a DVD at Grace Reformed Church tonight and took a friend with them.

Rick fixed my computer this week end. It was deader than a door nail. He could not get Windows to work on it anymore so he was able to install Ubuntu on it instead. So I have a whole new operating system to learn and get used to but, hey, my computer is usable now. That is nice.

We had an extremely good sermon at church today from James 1:2-4. It had a lot to do with our perspective during trials. Trials will come and what matters is how we view them. If we view them as tools in the hand of God to sanctify us then we will find joy in the peaceable fruit of righteousness that will result. Much to think about from that sermon. It's a good thing I take notes each week!

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