Saturday, September 24, 2011

Journal Entry Sept 24, 2011

We got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday because we drove to my parent's place, two hours away so S could get some good photos of them for their 60th Anniversary celebration coming up in November. I think she accomplished the quest.

The day started with a headache but I took Tylenol and God was gracious to take it from me. I'm thinking when I banged my head earlier this week I must have knocked my neck out of whack because I've had headaches each day since and my neck hurts.

It was fun to have lunch with them and my sister and her hubby.

When we drove in there were two baby squirrels in the neighbor's yard. One of them came out from the fence and sat on S's foot and she got a good photo of him. He was so cute!

S drove most the way home and sat in the back seat. I had my Kindle with me so I put my book on and set it to read to me. I was a wee bit disappointed to find that I fell asleep and missed some of my book. We got back to town around 6pm and ate dinner at Costco.

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