Sunday, September 18, 2011

Journal Entry Sept 18, 2011 Church!

This morning we were nearly late to church. I forgot to set my alarm and I woke up at 4am and took a sleep aid. Church starts at 10am and I bailed out of bed at 9am.

S did the majority of the driving today and did very well.

The messages at church today were so good! I never thought of the fact that we pray in Jesus' name because of His death, burial, resurrection and ascension to His Father. It is because of what He has done that we are able to approach the Father in prayer at all and so we pray in Jesus' name because He is the perfect mediator between us and God the Father.

Then tonight our sermon was about the holiness of God. We often compare ourselves to others and come away thinking we aren't all too bad. But when we compare ourselves to God's holiness we find that we are undone.

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