Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Journal:First Day of School/Work Trip w/ Rick

 September 6, 2011 
Today Rick had a meeting in T...C.... It was also the first day of school for N. So we packed up the books and went with Rick. He got out at the office and N and I went on to the public library in K.... On the way we passed the church that Daddy helped build and that Pastor Piper had been the pastor of, so I pointed that out to N.

We got to the library and set ourselves up at a table that I thought would be a good place. I didn't realize how noisy it was going to be. It was too close to the children's section. We ended up having to move. I found a place with desks in cubicles and I thought it would be perfect. Well, between cell phones ringing, people talking on cell phones and a man playing Farmville with sound on in the next cubicle, it didn't prove to be a good place either. We finally went outside, ate our lunch and finished school at the park next door.

With the four weeks break from math N and I both have forgotten how to do some of the math in his book. So we are having to review. Math was a struggle for us today partly because of that and partly due to the noise in the library.

Rick got done early at the office so we went back to get him around 2pm. He was 20 minutes later than he thought, so we sat in the shade while Nathaniel finished his reading and I listened to my Kindle read to me.It was an uneventful ride home. I drove part of the way.

S was going to fix dinner for us, but when we got home she wasn't here. I made a phone call. She was with Z and on her way home. I was a little bit miffed as I had expected she would have it on the table for us. Her and Z came driving in about 20 minutes after we got home. He came in and they both worked at getting it fixed and on the table. Anyway, dinner got made and we ate closer to six than 5:15 like I had hoped. Oh, well. I'm glad she was willing to cook cause I was tired. I was kind of crabby with her and felt bad later.  I guess we both had made assumptions that were not communicated to each other.  I had to apologize to her.

Z ate dinner with us and watched Alex Rider Stormbreaker and ate popcorn with us after dinner.  

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