Monday, May 30, 2011

Kindle Book: The Pastor's Wife

I was able to get this kindle book on a limited time free offering, so I downloaded it and began reading. It is a Christian Novel and so far very well written.  Now I see it is $9.49 to download.

It's about Maura who married a man and they moved to a small town where he became an assistant pastor.  Nothing about her life turns out the way she expected it to be and her husband becomes so busy with the church she is often left home alone.

She eventually leaves him and returns home where her ailing father requires her care and she takes over his coffee shop business.

A woman dies in her estranged husband's church and in the will she offers an old rundown theater to the to the assistant pastor's wife (she had wanted to restore it when she lived there) and a large contribution to the church with the stipulation that they can have it  on two conditions.  1. She must return home and live with her husband for 6 months and 2. She must arrange for the church to hold one of their church plays there before she commences to run the place as a business to make money.

So, I am at the point where the pastor's wife has moved back home and is trying acclimate herself to the community and living with her husband again.  Will things be different between them this time or will he be the same as before?  Can they make it work?  These are questions in my mind.

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