Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Dibble

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dibble

Mr. and Mrs. Dibble were favorite people of mine.  I rode the Sunday School bus with Mr. Dibble for several years.  His sense of humor and wisdom always amazed me.  He had a profound influence on me.

Mrs Dibble was a kind lady who let me stay at their house during the day for a couple of days when I had my mouth wired shut and my parents couldn't be with me.  I also remember a time when she hosted the youth group at her house for a fondue party.  It was such fun!

I remember going back to visit them when my daughter was just a toddler.  Mr. Dibble was so moved to see our little girl that he started to cry.  He was a sensitive individual who was moved with emotion and wasn't afraid to show it.

Both of these dear people are dearly missed.  

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