Friday, December 04, 2009

A Good Day

This has been a good day. I had to grocery shop and since I was in that part of town I decided to drop in at the physical therapy office to pay a bill. I expected my PT to be there, since he said he would be working on Fridays now until his move is complete. I was disappointed to see he was not there. In talking to the receptionist, I could tell she is having a very hard time with this transition as well. She said what I was feeling. "It's just not the same with out him here. I'm going to miss him so much. It's just crazy. I can't believe he is doing this!"

I really thought it would be much harder visiting the office than it turned out to be. Yes, she and I talked about the situation and we are sad that he is moving away. But I wasn't feeling the same emotions of despair over the situation that I had been several days ago.

He had told me at my last appointment that he would only be in the office on Fridays. So I was sort of stressing over whether or not I'd be able to get scheduled on Fridays should I need a treatment. Well, his receptionist told me that he isn't even working there at all unless the schedule got too busy for just one PT. Then he will come in on a Friday if needed. So that told me I don't even need to stress about whether or not I can get booked in when he is there on a Friday, cause he probably won't be there anyway. Business has been very slow.

She did say that she would leave him a note to see if he would come next Friday just to treat me and either he or she would call me back and let me know. I'm not counting on anything.

For the way I have been feeling the past week and a half since hearing the news he was moving, this visit to the office and the realization that my last appointment could very well be my last appointment with him should have sent me over the edge again. But somehow it didn't. I actually walked out of there feeling like a load had been lifted from me.

There is the possibility of one last treatment but maybe not. I am not going to count on it. I guess the load that was lifted is the fact that this is a done deal. He is basically done here. There is a sense of closure in that whether or not he comes in just to treat me next Friday, he is gone and I will need to accept that fact and move on.

I so appreciate the link that will be posted tomorrow Titled: I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens Me. I can accept this disappointment and transition in my life because Christ will strengthen me to do it.

So, anyway, I left the PT office feeling like a weight had been lifted. I have had a renewed sense of energy all day today. I know, I had a Starbucks Carmel Machiatto this morning...and I forgot to ask for decaf, so maybe that has helped a bit with the energy levels...maybe or maybe not. I just feel for today, anyway, that God has given me special strength to deal with this disappointment in my life. It's a light at the end of my tunnel, at least.

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