Monday, November 30, 2009

Marsha's Musings: Life Changes/God's Faithfulness

The last three months have been very difficult and busy for me. September, homeschool started with a bang. I hosted a 12 week Drive Thru American History co-op for 5 homeschooled teen-agers, two of whom were my own. Although it was a pretty low key activity stress-wise for me, it was a commitment that taxed my energy. Today was the last meeting. It was fun but I am glad to have some time off and my Monday afternoons freed up for a while so I can concentrate on getting ready for Christmas.

I had three weeks during Sept. that were extremely painful because my back went out and I was battling some issues with my bladder at the same time. I recovered from that and a week later my neck locked up and I was in extreme pain due to that. That lasted about three weeks and I had about 24 hours of reprieve and then my neck locked up again, almost worse than before. I finally got relief about a week ago.

During all this, I was seeing my physical therapist a lot. He has taken care of me for the past 8 or 9 years when things were not going well for me. When you see a health care provider that often for that long, you tend to grow attached and don't want to change. Well, the last day of this last flare, he broke the news to me that he took a job in another city and will be moving soon and in the mean time will only be available one day a week. This is quite a blow for me.

When my previous pastor announced that he would be leaving, the news hit me like a kick in the stomach. This is how I felt when my PT told me he was leaving. I remember how I dreaded the day that our pastor would leave and I am feeling that way now about my PT. I also remember how I dreaded the day we went to church and our pastor would not be there, how strange it would be. I am feeling that way about going back to physical therapy the next time I need treatment. It will be so strange to go there and not see him there anymore.

But I remember the faithfulness of God in the loss of our pastor. I felt like there was a void that could not be filled, but God surprised me, and He has filled the void. He filled our pastor's shoes with a man very capable of ministering to us and I am spiritually fed each week. God can fill the void left by my PT with his partner who is taking over the office. He is very capable of filling my PT's shoes.

God & time heals the sadness left by friends who must move on. God has healed the sadness left when my previous pastor & his wife moved away. I know that God will heal the sadness of losing my PT, my friend.

And so, as I reflect on how God has been faithful in the past, I know He will be faithful now and in the future. I find my contentment in Him. I find my security in Him. Change is difficult but my God does not change and I rest secure in Him no matter what changes take place in my life.


Marsha said...

Please be sure to read the sermon notes below. In light of the post above, the sermon on Sunday had so much meaning for me. Change is difficult, but we worship a God who is unchangeable. What a wonderful source of security this is in difficult circumstances!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, again, Marsha. I will be losing my long time, Christian rheumatologist come June. I hate adjusting to new docs, and this will be particularly difficult. Or not. Thanks for reminding me about the ONE who has all this in His hands as well!