Friday, October 23, 2009

Good News Related to my Quiet Time Reflections this AM

In my Quiet Time I came to the conclusion that since God is in control of the evil that comes our way, and David just ignored the man who threw dirt on him and cursed him that maybe that should be our stance in regards to some of the dirt throwing the Obama Administration is doing to those of us who have a conservative stand. Maybe some day God would requite us good for our affliction.

Imagine my happiness when I learned that the liberal media has stood with Fox News in opposing the White House's attack on the free press! It gives me encouragement knowing that God is in control and this is just a little piece of it. It's not to say we won't still go through tough times in the future, but I am heartened to see that God is in control and He will use the evil that is thrown our way for His own good purposes. He will be victorious in the end even if we have to go through tough times until then. As the book of Revelation indicates...The Lamb Wins.

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