Friday, July 10, 2009

Twitter: A Word to the Wise Should be Sufficient

I've been using Twitter lately to get more exposure for my blog and books. I find that Twitter is not as secure as Facebook. I would not want my kids using Twitter. There are many nasty people lurking around on Twitter. Language, unsavory profile photos, links to unsavory places etc. abound.

I have my profile public so my updates show up on the public timeline. As a result anyone can become my follower. I have to check my followers almost daily and purge the red light district people out. I don't want those kinds of people following me because if someone goes to my profile they can click on my followers, and see who is following me and then click on their profiles, leading them to things they ought not see.

So I would caution anyone using Twitter to beware of who is following you and purge the red light district followers on a regular basis or else turn on profile protection which makes it so they have to ask your permission to follow you but also takes you out of the public timeline.

Just a word to the wise...

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Anonymous said...

You're right about Twitter. I've had my profile both private & public & I get follower requests from the "red light district" either way. I'm also very cautious about what I post on Twitter as I don't know who most of my followers are. Thanks for the warning.