Thursday, July 09, 2009

Camping at Winchester

Recently we rented a Yurt at Winchester State Park. It was such a fun relaxing time! The Yurt we rented came with a double futon and bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom, a large table & benches inside and outside two patio chairs and a small picnic table on the deck and a large picnic table by the fire pit. It also included two bicycles and a canoe.

We brought our own camp toilet and hung a large bed sheet from the ceiling behind the bunk bed so we had our own little changing/bathroom.

There were lots of trees, and underbrush, so it seemed very private to us. There was a lot of wildlife too. We had a bear prowling around the Yurt during the night both nights. We didn't see him because we were all in bed. But he woke me in the night. I could feel his foot steps as he walked around the deck. All our food was in the car, so that was good. One swipe of his paw and he could have torn into the Yurt wall.

We brought walkie talkies so we were able to let the kids explore on the bikes and hiking trails and still keep in touch with where they were.

We plan to do this again next year. Wish we had discovered this along time ago.

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