Friday, July 24, 2009

National Health Care hits home

I dont normally send out mass emails, but the idea of national health care hits me and my family personally.

We live in a valley where there is a limited pool of doctors to choose from.  Two doctors that we know of are Canadian.  One is our own doctor. They moved down here to escape nationalized health care in Canada.  They wanted to be able to practice medicine with freedom and be able to give their patients the time they needed so they could give them quality health care.  Our main doctor (Im not sure about the other) has made it known that if nationalized health care becomes a reality in the United States that he has nothing to lose by moving back to Canada where he can be near his extended family.  We will lose him as our health care provider.  Finding another doctor in this valley could prove to be very difficult.  And who knows? Maybe we would be forced to find another doctor even if he didnt move?  We have no guarantee with nationalized health care that people will be allowed to keep their trusted family doctors, do we?

One of my physical therapists is also Canadian and moved down here to escape nationalized health care.  I spoke to him about it a long time ago.  He said as a physical therapist, he was only being allowed 15 to 20 minutes per patient under nationalized health care.  He said you cant accomplish what you need to do with a patient in physical therapy in that short of a time.  In short, he could not give the quality of care he felt was necessary for his patients. 

I wonder how many other patients in the United States will lose their main health care providers when/if nationalized health care becomes a reality?

I have also read that the taxes we will have to pay as Americans to keep this going may end up paying for abortions whether we like it or not.

There is also speculation that euthanasia will become a distinct threat to those who cost the health care system too much money with no hope of getting better.

Basically, if cost savings is the motivation for moving to nationalized health care, then something has to be taken away in order to save money.  It will time, quality of care and treatments that work but are too expensive.  Is this what we want as a Americans? 

We need to stand up and let our voices be heard by calling, writing, or emailing our congressmen and congresswomen today while we still have time and they are still arguing over this in congress.  We need to let them know we do not want our freedom to good quality health care taken away, we do not want our tax dollars to fund abortions and do not want the possibility of euthanasia becoming mandatory if we get too expensive for the system.  I am sure there are a whole host of other things in this health care bill that would make our hair stand on end if we only knew the truth.

Please call your representatives today while there is time and please forward this email to all your friends.  Thanks.

Marsha Iddings

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