Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I joined Twitter so I could get current up to date news on the situation over there. I don't know what our media is reporting, but one Tweeter said they are not reporting it accurately. I'm getting messages from citizens over there describing what is happening.

The police are throwing paint on protester's cars and homes so they can come back and hunt them down later. They are trying to block citizens from sending reports via blogs and twitter of what is really happening over there. They are trying to track twitterers down and those with blogs so they can shut them down. Many of the citizens are requesting people of other countries to change the location settings on their Twitter accounts to Iran and their time zones to Iranian time so that it creates confusion for the government when they try to track down those sending reports out of the country via Twitter and Blogs.

Please pray for the citizens of Iran. If you twitter, perhaps you will want to help them by changing your location and time zone settings. Also, get the green overlay on your avatar to show your support of them.

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