Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marsha's Musings: Foot Splints, Bunions & Surgery

I finally got my foot splint for my bunion toe.  Hoping it will help correct it so I won't need surgery.  It is a fancy thing with a hinge at the joint.  I can wear it with my adjustable sandals.  Not sure how it will do in my shoes.  But it is comfortable if I skip the metatarsel pad....that thing is really uncomfortable.  It's better if I don't wear shoes.  Maybe I'll just use that part at night.  I sure hope and pray this will cut the pain and help me avoid surgical correction.  My chiropractor said that most people that have surgical correction still end up having pain in their feet as a result of the surgery.  That doesn't sound to me like it would serve any purpose.  But then the clerk at the grocery store said she had bunion surgery and she swears by it.  So who knows?  Maybe it's a fifty fifty deal.

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