Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marsha's Musings: Food

I have discovered lately that dairy is causing me a lot of problems.  For a while I thought it was just lactose intolerance and I started taking lactase enzymes.  It helped for a while but then problems came back and got worse.  So I went dairy free for 5 days and began to feel normal again.  Then I made gluten free lasagna the other night and I spent the whole evening running back and forth to the bathroom in spite of having taken twice the amount of digestive enzymes and lactase enzymes. 

At first I was really discouraged, wonder what on earth I would be able to eat without  being able to have any wheat, barley, rye or US oats or any foods that have those items or derivatives of them in it and then having to eliminate all dairy products.this really limits my choice of foods.  So I got discouraged.

But then I read about the Children of Israelhow they complained about the manna and how displeased God was with them for their complaining.  Ouch.

I see I am going to have to change my whole attitude about this.  Rather than look at what I can not have, I need to start looking at it the other way around.  I need to look at what I CAN have  and start thinking more positive about the foods I DO HAVE available to me and start thinking outside the box and trying foods that I have never had before.

I also need to start being thankful for what I have.  If all I had available to me was a bowl of rice, I should be thankful for thatmany people are thankful for just a bowl of rice.  I really do have abundance.  Its just a matter of how I look at it.

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