Friday, April 24, 2009

Marsha's Musings: Amusement

I went to the carnival last night a.k.a. amusement park.

To muse means to be in deep thought or to think.

Amusement then would mean to not think because the a added to the front of muse negates it. So to go to the amusement park is to go some place where you can be amused or not have to think. 

The irony of it all was when I saw the tag on one of the rides my kids were on that indicated what company had made it.  It was made by Wisdom Industries.  How silly is that?  Wisdom implies thinking and understanding.  Another meaning for amuse is to divert the attention so as to deceive”.   Wisdom is the complete opposite of that.  The two dont even go together.  Strange, the things you see when you go to a place like that just to watch and observe.

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