Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 2 in Seattle

We had a fantastic busy day rubbing shoulders with all of Seattle it seemed. This is one busy, busy place. The big city is not for me. But it's a fun place to visit.

We went to the Aquarium, Pike Place Market, Starbucks at the Seattle Center, the Space Needle Gift shop. We were surprised when David and Holly, my nephew from Spokane came up and said, "hi" to us. We never expected to see them there! How fun!

We visited with an artist at his studio at PPM. He had some really great pen and ink drawings of buildings from Seattle. He is an architect as well as an artist. Was fun to talk to him and he sold us a set of colored pencils for Sarah that cost $22. He said they are the best if she is serious about her art. I told her to consider it homseshool educational tools.

We had fun at the Aquarium. Enjoyed the sea lions the most, but the otters were awful cute all curled up sleeping next to the window.

Pike Place Market is really a different world...a whole different culture than what I am used too. There is a lot of really strange shops there, some fun to poke around in but others that looked, well, questionable.

We ate lunch in a small out of the way place...but they provided a really good meal. They were really busy too. We got our exercise today with all the walking we did. We also got soaked in all the rain. I think I have sprouted webs between my toes! I need to get back to sunny Clarkston before I grow moss on my back too! LOL! Being over here and experiencing all this rain reminds me of how thankful I am we moved away from this side of the state. Our Eastern side of the state is so much better. Just miss the green trees over there is all. We do enjoy the green over here, but the rain is the trade off.

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