Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marsha's Musings: My Daughter is Brilliant!

Read the post on Clogged Drains and Attitude Adjustments first below this one.

After I finished writing that post about the clogged drain and my need for an attitude adjustment, I went back to the clogged sink. The vinegar and baking soda had bubbled up some of the stuff that was clogging the drain, but it was out reach for me to pull it up. I was searching the kitchen drawer for a turkey baster to suck it up with when my daughter said, "Hey, why don't you just use the vacuum cleaner?" What brilliance!

I got out the Rainbow Vacuum that we rarely use (it's too cumbersome to haul from floor to floor & my tendonitis arms can't take it). I put that baby together, held the end of the hose over the drain and tried to make a seal the best I could with it, turned it on and wow! I could feel the gunk vibrating down the hose and after I ran it a couple of times there was quite a horse tail laying in the sink. When I went to empty the resevoir outside....eeeeewwww! Large chunks of gunk and black water! Our sink runs great now! I never would have thought my vacuum would be a necessary plumbing tool.

Well, off to the next plumbing problem....the toilet upstairs is not working right now. My daughter tells me it barely has any water going into husband messed with it a few days ago because of this. I think something else is clogged in the toilet tank. Hmmmm....I wonder....can I use the vacumm on that too????? Stay tuned.

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