Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Marsha's "Mousings"

I slept on the couch again night before last. It was a horrifying night. I was awakened at 2:15am by a loud snap, the sounds of something dragging across the carpet downstairs, a small thud and more dragging. I was terrified to look so lay on the couch heart pounding until the sounds stopped. Then I went to the bathroom, got a glass of milk and Tylenol PM and lay back down. It took over an hour for me to settle down and fall asleep again. In the moring, nothing was disturbed, no mouse traps were sprung and no mice in the live traps. Was I losing my mind???

Up until this time for the past three years, I have been sleeping in the basement bedroom because my husband has sleep issues. I finally decided that I would sleep better with him than I would with the sounds that I heard during the night from the living room and I was terrified to go back to my room in the basement.

Last night I slept as well as I normally do in the basement, minus the mice. Perhaps this is what God was trying to teach me? That I should go back to sleeping with my husband? I don't know, but I've decided it's time I get used to sleeping with my husband after this. Too bad it took a batch of naughty mice to bring me to this place. God works in mysterious ways.

By the way, all the mouse traps were set again, but we had no evidence of any mice last night. Maybe this ordeal is over. If so, thank you Lord!

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