Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just for Fun: The Fire Alarm Limerick

This limerick was the result of a problem we had with our smoke alarms one night several years ago. Arden Hodgins was our pastor at the time. He wrote the first two verses and I wrote the last one. I was reminded of this limerick last week when one of the smoke alarms started chirping in the middle of the night again. I ran around the house at 2am taking smoke alarms down because I couldn't figure out which one was the problem. I hauled them all outside and removed the batteries. I did replace the batteries later and rehung them all. So we are once again protected. :-)

The Fire Alarm Limerick
By Arden Hodgins and Marsha Iddings

There once was a fellow named Rick
Who sprang out of bed with a kick.
He heard the alarm
With a towel on his arm,
He ran down the hall and right quick!

He swung the towel fiercely around
To silence the bad-awful sound
And when it did stop
On his bed he did plop
But sleep was not to be found.

The very next night that alarm did ring.
He sprang out of bed -- the towel to fling.
For the second time we add to this rhyme,
As his wife went to kill that thing.

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