Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 at 09:00PM

I heard the following idea on the Dennis Prager show. He said that when we look forward to an event we often have expectations of what it will be like. Then when the actual event arrives, we are disappointed because it didn't meet our expectations. 

To counter this, he says we should live in the moment and not have any expectations for how a coming event will be. This way we have less to be disappointed about. 

I couldn't help but turn this around to events we are not happy about. Sometimes I "look forward" to these events and brood on all that might go wrong. Then when the actual event arrives, I find I have worried and fretted for nothing because things turn out better than I thought. 

So I guess it's a matter of finding balance. It's not letting myself get all excited with big expectations that might not be met and not getting stressed out and worried over all that might go wrong with events I'm not looking forward too. 

It's keeping my expectations turned toward God while casting all my worries on Him. That is the secret to peace and contentment.

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