Thursday, February 16, 2017

Things I Love: Ecosens Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

Do you like loose tea?  This is a great tea infuser.  I had trouble with the tea balls because they kept letting loose tea out into my drink.  I have another metal screen tea infuser that is better, but it keeps letting loose tea out as well.  So when my mom sent me an unexpected gift of money for Christmas (about a month late because she had been hospitalized at the holidays), I went on the search for a new tea infuser.

I read reviews to make my purchase decisions.  This tea infuser had the best reviews compared to others Amazon sold.

This is a large infuser, so if you have small cups it might not work for you,  This works in my larger mugs as well as in my glass tea pot.  It has not let any of my loose tea into my drink except for very fine powder, and that doesn't pose a problem at all for me.

I could see myself in the summer time, crushing up berries or other fruit and pouring it into this infuser to make a fruit tea free of pulp.

The silicone ring is removable for washing and is intended to prevent you from burning your fingers when removing the hot lid from the infuser after making your tea.  The lid doubles as a place to set your infuser so that you don't have to have a separate saucer for it to catch the drips.

If you enjoy loose tea, this will be the perfect addition to your tea making supplies.  Perhaps you have a friend who enjoys loose tea?  It would be a great gift.

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