Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trip to Walla Walla & Other Stuff

Nathaniel and I had a good trip to Walla Walla to pick up a bed that my mom had borrowed during my dad's illness.

On the way over a Sheriff come up behind  me and put on his lights.  I was sure I was in some sort of trouble but didn't know what I had done.  I pulled over and he went on around me and passed the guy ahead of me and stopped the pickup ahead of him.  Don't know what he did.  He wasn't speeding. 

That little scare got me wondering where the important papers were that they always ask about and if they were up to date.  When I got to Dayton I pulled off and rifled through the glove box and the center console.  Finally found them.  I traveled a little easier after that.

Arrived at my mom's and Blayne Barnhart, her friend, was there waiting for us so he could help load the bed up.

Then the four of us went out to eat at the little cafe on the Odd Fellows Campus. $2.50 per person, all you can eat buffet.  Nathaniel cleaned up.

Blayne gave us the grand tour of the building.  They have a really cool library with antique furniture. Would love to curl up in there to read!

After our tour, Blayne went on to other things and the three of us went back to Mom's apartment. 

I asked if she wanted help going through any of Dad's things.  We went through quite a few things, consolidated the things she wanted to keep all into one three drawer Rubbermaid and I took the stuff she doesn't want along with the empty Rubbermaid home.  I will donate the stuff that we don't want.  I may keep the Rubbermaid chest.  Will at least wait to give it away until I know for sure I don't have a purpose for it.

It was a good day. Nathaniel drove all the way home. Nice break for me at the wheel.  

The Lord is good. 

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