Sunday, March 13, 2016

Christians Bashing Christians Over the Elections

I was deeply troubled by a post on Facebook from a Christian friend. This person said they could not understand how people who call themselves Christians could reconcile that with supporting Donald Trump.

This isn't the first time I've seen comments of this sort from various sources.

Is this election so important that we need to call into question the Christian profession of fellow believers based on who they choose to support in the election?  Is it so important that we need to alienate our brothers and sisters in Christ if they don't choose to support the same candidate we have chosen?

I know many would say that without question a Christian should support the candidate that claims to be a Christian.

It seems to me that many Christians look at the election much like voting on a new pastor for a church. Let me remind you that we are not voting on a church pastor, elder or deacon. (Christians shouldn't act like this toward each other then, either)

I guess I'm just wondering where the fruits of the Spirit play a part in how we treat others with a different opinion than us this election season?  

I'm not saying we can't debate the issues or debate who might be best, but can't we at least agree to disagree with those of other opinions without calling their Christian faith into question if they disagree with us?

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