Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Visit to Walla Walla to See My Parents

Yesterday was a holiday for Rick and Sarah had the day off too.  So we all piled in the car and headed to Walla Walla to see my parents.  It's just under two hours drive depending on how many slow pokes we get behind.

My dad is moving slowly.  They had company when we arrived. A man from their church who also happens to be the fire marshal, fire fighter, was there visiting.  Just before we came my dad got up to do something and down he went, fainted on the floor.  Tim, the fire marshal saw him go down and helped him get back up again.  He was really good, asking my dad lots of questions about the episode etc.  He assured my mom and dad that if Dad falls and my mom can't get him up that it doesn't cost a dime for them to call 911 and have them come pick him up off the floor.  He gave her his personal cell number and work number too.  He is going to compile a list of no cost and low cost options for things they might need and services they might need as things progress with my dad.

It's nice to have so many helpful individuals to support my parents through this time.  There are people at their church who have offered to help in any way they are needed and I have been giving my mom ideas of how she might utilize their offers...such as just coming and sitting with Dad so she can get out and run errands or just go to the big social room and sit on the couch and read a book, because she is going to need breaks like this.

Others have told her they are ready to bring in meals if they need that.  So nice to see such support and caring in the church.

I will be traveling back to Walla Walla on Friday alone and staying through Monday mid-afternoon while Becky and Dan are out of town.

I covet your prayers.  This week, Monday we were in Walla Walla.  Today I'm home, Tomorrow I have a morning outing. Thursday I am in Kennewick all day (2 1/2 hrs from home).  Friday I travel to Walla Walla and return on Monday.  Please pray for my health and energy for all this travel, preparations and stresses associated with it all.  I want to be of help to my mom and dad but I don't want to be worn out or sick while there.  I need to be at my best.

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